Garage Sale And Lose Weight (And Money)

I love garage sales. I don’t care if there may be a stigma surrounding it. Some people can’t imagine buying anything “second hand”. I see a garage sale as a way to find some buried treasure. Although my main goal has always been to find clothing for my boys. It’s an awesome way to save money, and let’s face it, children grow so quickly! If you are concerned about the whole “someone else has already worn that” factor, often times because children grow so fast, you can find something that has never been worn, i.e. tag still attached to the item.

I noticed when my oldest son was a baby I was able to lose around 10 pounds every spring/summer, JUST FROM WALKING. I carry this tradition on through my youngest, now 6 months old. So, I will share with you the secrets to my weight loss success. The only downside to this, is that you will spend money. It’s inevitable, unless your trip produces nothing, which has happened to me. However, a little bit of money goes a long way, all in the spirit of good health!

1. Plan Your Day (Or Days) Of Attack:
Garage sales are busiest on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. There have been times though, that I’ve seen them open on a Thursday. What day works best for you? I work weekends, so weekends are out. I’ve found the sales during the week produce the best stuff, because so many have to work during the week, which means more options for me. Pick the day that will work best for you.

2. Map Your Route:
Thursday, I am online, checking out the newspapers for any garage sales advertised. For my area, I look at, as well as the Bellevue Leader, which routes back to Check our your local paper, and then plan your route of attack. Start with the closest sale to you, and branch out. You will be walking the entire time, so make sure you don’t get overzealous. If you can handle a five mile walk with your child, power to you! I usually stick with a 2-3 mile radius. Just because a sale isn’t advertised, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! So many people don’t advertise a sale, simply due to cost. What I do in this case, is scope out the scene early that morning in the car. It takes no more than five minutes to drive around the busy street next to your residential neighborhood, and scope out any garage sale signs. This morning, I asked my husband to check it out for me as he headed to work. This produced two garage sales in my area, that were NOT advertised through the paper.

3. No Sales Near You? Go To The Sales:
This has happened to me before. I’ve had to drive to a neighborhood other than my own for a sale. No problem. Pack your stroller, or bike if your child is old enough, and park. Make sure you park somewhere that you will get a good walk in during your garage sale spree. Sure, you can drive in your car and hop from sale to sale, but that’s no fun for your kids, and no work out for you.

4. Bring Provisions:
Don’t go empty handed. Kids get hungry. So will you. Here’s the deal: you are walking with a stroller. Up hills. The stroller (with child) will weigh roughly 15 lbs, or more, because most likely there will be a diaper bag under it, or a bag of some sort with the necessities to make the trip doable. Pack what you need. I bring water for myself. This morning, I packed some pureed carrots for Nolan, along with a bib and spoon. I stopped at a park in the neighborhood, and fed him before heading on home. Also, bring toys.

5. Expect The Possibility Of Breaks:
You know to make sure kids go to the bathroom before you leave home, but little legs (and behinds) will get tired. Or ansy. If you can, plan a trip to the park within this garage sale route, so that your child can take a much needed break. Perfect time to eat and drink, and rest a little bit before you continue on. Get your kids out of the stroller, let them run around (if they can) and play.

Now, I’ve done this while riding a bike as well, with a Burley attached:

I just park the bike when I get to my destination, easy as that.  I’ve also headed out sans the kids, which is always a nice little break.

As I mentioned before, the hardest part of this excursion will be the parting of money.  Make sure you remember to bring some, so you don’t go empty handed.  Enjoy the hunt for your own buried treasure!


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