I work as a leasing specialist for an apartment community. As you’d imagine, I show apartments, deal with residents, take care of leasing documentation, file, etc. etc.

But, I’m what I affectionately call “the grunt”. Newsletters need to be delivered. Notices to residents also need to be delivered, and I’m the gal who does it. The property I work for has 144 units; four buildings, with three levels. 36 apartments in each building.

Today I made delivering newsletters a work out. I ran to each building entry (12 in all) and ran up three flights of stairs, quickly placing newsletters at resident’s doors as I went. I also ran quickly (and as quietly as I could) down each flight of stairs. I was able to accomplish this task within 20 minutes.

Once, I did it in 10.

I compare this work out to running up and down bleachers. It’s a great interval training work out, and training in 30 to 60 second bursts can be just as efficient as doing long, steady cardio workouts, and can be more effective for fat burning.

If you start getting bored with plain old running, you might want to consider heading to your local high school track, and give bleachers a try. Or, running up and down stairs in your own home.


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