It’s A Family Affair….

Kevin, Ben, Nolan and I went to a nearby track, and made good use of it.

Ben wanted all of us to race each other, which was great, because I wanted Kevin and I to work on some speed training.  All three of us lined up (Nolan was fast asleep in his stroller) and Ben said:

“On your mark… get set…. GO!”

We were off!!!  I told Kevin we would go as fast as we could up to the next white line, and to be honest, I have no idea how far that was.  As soon as we hit that next line, we jogged and tried to get our heart rate back down.  Ben went as far as he could, and then got tired.

Ben had Kevin and I race each other, while he sat on the bleachers and watched. Nolan slept.

Ben discovered sand pits at the end of the track, and so Kevin and I would go as fast as we could and jump into the sand.  Ben decided he’d have more fun playing in the sand than running with us, so he amused himself while Kevin and I continued to work.

Nolan slept.

I decided we should do more speed drills, so  Kevin and I would line up, and then run to the next line, and head back, and then run forward even further, and run back to the line we started at.

By this time, we knew it was time to get going.  So after a good stretch, I checked on Nolan, who by this time decided to wake and join us.

It was a fantastic morning.


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