26 Weeks… And Counting….

Today is the start of our marathon training… a 26 week program that will lead us to being ready for the Omaha marathon/half marathon.

Both of us woke up tired. Neither of us wanting to hop on the treadmill (Nebraska isn’t getting with the “SPRING IS HERE” program, and it’s a balmy 26 degrees outside right now). But, we rolled out of bed and got it done, anyway.

I don’t know about others, but for me, I need to have a plan in action. A chart to follow. I’m someone who is devoted to her planner, the type to make sticky notes so I don’t forget what needs to be done. We are using the training plan from:

I used the Half marathon training plan back in 2009, and it went very well for me, so my husband will be following that plan as we get closer in. I’m following the 26 week training schedule for the full marathon, and Kevin will also be utilizing it until it’s time for him to break away and use his own for the half.

I’ll be updating my work out section so that anyone can follow what we are doing from day to day, and I’ll list the actual plan that marathon rookie has set, and the intermediate plan that Kevin and I are following. Maybe someone out there will also decide that today is the day, and wants to join us!


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