Walmart, We Must Part Ways….

I’m a bargain shopper.  I pride myself on it.  I’m one of the crazies who spends time on the internet to price check other stores;  I write the item, the price, and the store…. only to turn around Sunday morning, and buy those items from Walmart, who has always been wonderful when it comes to price checking items.  You don’t even need the ads, which works great for me, since I don’t get the ads delivered to my house.  I just tell the clerk the store, the price… and that clerk rings up the price.

“You don’t need the ads.  We want your business.  As long as the price isn’t something nutty, we’ll do it.”  I’ve been told this repeatedly by many different clerks at Walmart.

Until this morning.  Now, I want you to understand something:  Walmart is where I shop, because of convenience.  And I like to save a buck.  I’ve noticed the produce has been lackluster.  The meat leaves little to be desired.  And still I go, because in this economy, it pays to.

The clerk this morning, after telling her my usual mundane “I have price check items”, asks me: “WHERE ARE YOUR ADS?” I’ve never dealt with this particular clerk.  Maybe she’s new.  “I don’t have the ads.  I’ve written down the store, and the price.”  She looks at me as though I am new to the game of Walmart.  “Ma’am, we need ads.”  I look at her as though she isn’t speaking my language.  “I’ve been doing this for months, and every other clerk here has allowed it.  I’ve been told that as long as I can provide the store name, and the price, there’s no problem.”

“Ma’am, for future reference, you will always need to provide the ads.”  And she proceeds to allow me the grace to price check my lousy Braeburn apples, the strawberries which I know will go bad within 24 hours unless I eat them, and a few other misc. items.  I didn’t even get my nectarines at $1.77 per pound (according to her, Walmart only sells nectarines by each nectarine, she didn’t care that I price checked them at another store, case closed).  Now, you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal?  Bring in the damn ads.”  But here’s what happens: one husband, one baby in a stroller, one large cart filled with a multitude of items.  One of us puts items on the conveyor belt, the other takes the bagged items and puts them into the cart, also tending to the baby, who by this time is fussy, because it’s close to snack time.  I’ve been behind someone price checking items, who brought in a plethora of ads from other stores.  I often price check online ads at 8+ different stores.  A 5 minute process will turn into 15+ minutes, and I won’t have it, I JUST WON’T.  My convenience factor has now gone out the window- and for what?  To save a few lousy pennies?

The drive home, we took a good, hard look at ourselves.  What had we become?  We don’t like the Walmart we shop at. But we do it, to save money.  Maybe this was the catalyst for something better.  Maybe it was time we ventured out into the big world and look into other stores, see what they have to offer us, even if the outcome might cost us a few dollars more.

I still want my nectarines…..




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