Circuit Training

In life, if you do just one thing… all the time…. you get bored.  Not to say I don’t enjoy running.  I’m passionate about it!  But, you have to take a break from your passions every once in a while, or you get stagnant.

And in comes circuit training.  Circuit training is mixing high intensity workouts with resistance training, and you complete different “circuits”, or rotations.  So, you start out with a minute of jumping jacks, let’s say.  Followed by a minute of leg lunges, then a minute of push ups, completing the circuit with a minute of sit ups.  You’ve completed your first circuit.  And then you move onto the next one.  Whatever that may be.  What’s nice is that you can invent your own circuits, so the work out is far from boring, and you can create it to be as challenging as you want it to be.  You don’t even need machines or a treadmill.

This morning, Kevin and I completed Cathe’s Boot Camp work out:

I noticed there were longer videos posted on Youtube of not only Cathe, but many others that have circuit training work outs.  Just a nice little way to save some money.




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