I Can’t Drive 55? Try 40…

Look, anyone who knows me, knows I am a LOUSY driver.  I don’t take offense.  I often offer condolences to anyone who has to enter into a vehicle with me when I am behind the wheel.  I can’t think of one person who hasn’t gripped the “oh shit” handle for dear life when a passenger in my car.

To add insult to injury, a friend of mine recently informed me that while backing out of a parking lot, I almost hit his car.  I thought he was pulling my leg, but he was serious.  Apparently I am the only one who didn’t see his blinding white car driving slowly behind mine.
I really do try my best to pay attention.  And when my son is in the car, I would say I go from being a LOUSY driver, to a MEDIOCRE one. But I digress…. considering my poor driving history, you may feel the rant I am about to unleash is uncalled for.  But, as the days progress, as I get older… I get less patient.  And I never started with much to begin with.
The speed limits on the roadways are set up for a reason.  They are clearly marked.  You can’t miss them.  If you don’t see the speed limit signs posted in black and white, then you should be wearing glasses.  And if you still can’t see them, then you shouldn’t be driving. Why is it that a sign clearly marked “55 MPH” or “60 MPH” let’s say, is ignored?  As though those signs don’t exist?  The past several months, countless vehicles have been in front of me, going 35-40 MPH in a 60 MPH zone.  And I try so hard to just relax, and accept the fact that the person in front of me doesn’t want to go the speed limit, or anywhere close to it.  I try to ignore the honks from other impatient drivers as they are all slowly driving behind me- but usually I get the slow driver when I am in a hurry.  Of course. Does this come as any surprise?  And then I get annoyed.  And irritated.  I turn into those maniacal drivers, the ones who zip and zoom around a slow driver, which in driver language is flipping the bird at the slow driver.  Let’s admit it.
I recently posted a question on Facebook: “Is it illegal to go too slow when you drive?”  I had a few friends respond, “yes”.  I’ve done some research online, and I’ve found that it’s dangerous to go too slow.  Going too slow can cause road rage (hence flipping the proverbial driving middle finger) and drivers will act recklessly, which can cause accidents.  Blame it on the slow driver; blame it on the asshole driving crazily through traffic.  However you want to slice it, it’s still a bad situation.  Due to these dangerous situations, if you are a slow driver caught in the fast lane, you can be cited for failing to stay right except to pass and receive a pricey ticket. Each state has their own way of handling the situation.  If you are a slow driver in the right lane, however, you most likely will not get a ticket.
You may get some dirty, evil glares, though.

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