Sunday Funday and other Birthday Ramblings

There are two days a year where I expect to be treated like a queen. Well, maybe not exactly like a queen. It’s the two days a year where I don’t have to clean or pick up after others. I don’t have to cook meals, and I can sit lazily about while one of my children sits to the side, idly feeding me grapes. Not really. Those two days are Mother’s Day and my birthday.

Saturday, the 5th, at 11:49am I officially turned 36. I wore the bathrobe I’d thrown on hours earlier, no shower in sight. In what felt like an opposites sketch from You Can’t Do That On Television, my husband was doing the dishes, and my preschooler had been fed breakfast. I was anticipating green slime at any moment. I was very sloth-like on this day. At some point I put on pajamas and snuggled into blankets, choosing to waste my afternoon with such classics as Can’t Buy Me Love (a pivotal 80′s movie starring a young McDreamy before he was anywhere close to being McDreamy) and Airplane! Somewhere in there (after naps had by all), I decided to clean myself up and get presentable for a sushi dinner out with the family. This was around 7pm.

Me, and the little guy

Me, and the little guy

Can you believe the little guy took this pic of his dad and me?

Can you believe the little guy took this pic?

After dinner (the food was good, service not so good; husband said it would be a great place to order take out from) we went for a walk around the Keystone trail. Storms we’d had in recent weeks left behind a makeshift pond for the ducks, and of course I had to take some photos.




So many lightning bugs.. I could only get one lit up on camera

So many lightning bugs.. I could only get one lit up on camera

After giving the mosquitos an all you can eat buffet, we decided to call it a night and head on home. Sure, my birthday was lazy, but it’s not often I am treated to such a relaxing day. The cherry on top was the Skype chat I had with my eldest son, currently visiting his dad out-of-state. It was one of the best birthday presents I’ve received this year, along with this (thanks to my husband):

He knows me too, too well

He knows me too, too well

Sunday I attended the last meet up of Yoga Rocks the Park. I went with a friend who I had convinced in recent months to try out yoga, and now she’s a total addict. Who wouldn’t be?

It's a movement

It’s a movement

The view from my yoga mat

The view from my yoga mat

After yoga, we changed out of our yoga gear and headed for the Corky Canvas. This place is for everyone, no matter what skill level you’ve got. You sit and follow instructions and paint your very own masterpiece, all while sipping a glass of wine. Or a bottle of beer. For me, it was Mike’s Blackberry Lemonade. It sounded like the perfect drink on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Not too shabby for someone who draws stick figures.

Not too shabby for someone who draws stick figures.

The employees at the Corky are very nice. Those celebrating a birthday are treated to a lovely “Happy Birthday” crown, and are offered a free shot. Unfortunately, there was no alcohol available for the free shot, so I was offered any other drink of my choice. I saw a container filled with bags of M&M’s and asked if I could have that in lieu of a drink, and she looked at me like I was nuts. Clearly, she doesn’t know about me and my sweets addiction. She had no problems with the exchange, and I sat eating my candy while waiting for the canvas to dry. I’m not an artist, not by any stretch of the imagination. If I’m forced to draw something it’s usually stick figures. This was so much fun, though, and you really feel as though you are creating top-notch art!


The two of us… we were asked (for the 2nd time since we’ve been friends) if we were sisters!

The girl sitting across from me was also celebrating her birthday; she was born on July 5th, too. I made the grave mistake of asking what year she was born. When she said 1986, I nearly choked. I lied and told her I was born in 1990, so my friend smacked my arm and made me ‘fess up.  1978. Sigh.

The last step to our masterpieces were the trees. They were meant to look Dr. Suess-like. I’d say my tree on the far right has an erectile dysfunction issue.


I really had such an awesome weekend. There’s nothing I’d change about it, other than my eldest being back home and able to celebrate with me in person. That month has gone by a lot faster than I imagined it would, and he’ll be home this weekend.

Meanwhile, I had this waiting for me when I got home from what my friend coined “Sunday Funday”:



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6 responses

  1. Sounds like a great birthday weekend. And I love the movie choices! :)

  2. Happy birthday, lovely Sara! I love your post, and it did make me laugh. Where did you have sushi?

    1. Beijing Tokyo, right there off of Samson Way. Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Those mosquitoes will eat you alive this year though! Best to stay inside at night!

  4. Great weekend, huh? And there’s nothing wrong with being shower-less for the first part of a day. lol Loved the mosquito all you can eat buffet line and who doesn’t stop to watch Can’t Buy me Love? :)

    1. Are there other pre-McDreamy lovers out there?? I think we’re all closeted! Oh yes, a day where I don’t have to do a single thing… those are the best days, ever!

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